Online Presentation of the Platform "UpToDate"

Κατηγορίες Βιβλιοθήκη Επιστημών Υγείας Διεύθυνση Βιβλιοθηκών

The Library of the School of Health Sciences in collaboration with Dextera Consulting and Wolters Kluwer Health invites you to an educational online presentation of UpToDate on Wednesday 5 June 2024 at 9.00am.

UpToDate is the world's most widely used clinical decision support system. More than 2 million clinicians, more than 44,900 healthcare organizations, in more than 192 countries, use UpToDate because it is one of the most authoritative sources of evidence-based health information worldwide.

The medical community has recognized the platform UpToDate as the source of clinical decision support that physicians consult and trust most.


  • Introduction to UpToDate
  • Conduct a Search
  • Graded Recommendations
  • Authors and content quality
  • References
  • Drug Database & Drug Interactions
  • Topic Tools
  • Graphics
  • Patient Education
  • What's New-Practice Changing UpToDates (PCUs)
  • Calculators
  • CME
  • Conclusion

Using the following link you can participate in the seminar: